I think my story is fairly typical, unfortunately. I’ve been overweight since before the age of ten. I remember a new girl coming into my class in fourth grade and thinking, “I could be friends with her because she’s chubby like me.”

I’ve been called a whale. I’ve been teased for a “muffin top.” I’ve made every fashion mistake fat girls make. I’ve been there. For me, there is a hereditary factor. My father was over 300 pounds at his highest and my mother has always been over 200.

When I was fourteen, I attended a fitness & weight loss camp. It changed my life. Previous to my attendance, weight loss had been about dieting and temporary changes. I remember wishing I had some kind of disease—thinking that being skinny would be better than being healthy. After that camp I had the opposite (and better) perspective.

I lost 20 pounds in two months and went from a size 16 in jeans to a size 10. I focused on wholesome foods and kept the weight off for about a year.

Then I came to college. Oh man, talk about a whirlwind. Long story short, I’ve gained that weight back. I’ve maintained my higher weight for around two years. I’m ready to let it go now.


I always liked numbers and pictures on weight loss blogs. It made everything real; made people easier to relate. I’ll say upfront I’m embarrassed to have people look at these. When people I know in real life start finding this blog, I’ll be close to mortified. But you know what? It’s worth it. This is who I am. And if I’m that embarrassed by it, it’s time to change.


I’m 182 lbs here and about 5’2″. I wore a size 16 in jeans and a size 12 in most dresses. This is before I went to camp.

Progress Photos 06-2008


Post-camp. I came back 162 lbs. I wore a size 10 in jeans and an 8 in most dresses. I could run a 10-minute mile.

09-2008 (2) Progress Photos 09-2008


A year into college! Look at that belly. Right around 180 lbs, 5’4″ now. Size 12/14 in jeans and 10/12 in dresses. For I fluctuated a lot by 5 – 10 pounds.

Progress Photos 12-27-11


I was “starting over” so I took new photos. 175 pounds. Everything else is the same.

Progress Photos 01-14-12


Why don’t I have new pictures? Well, I look about the same. I’m that size, 180 lbs. Size 14 in my favorite jeans (American Eagle <3). When I have a bit of progress, I’ll add some new progress photos to show off! For now, here’s my family this past summer at the Sacramento Color Run! (I’m the second from the left.)

Sacramento Color Run 2013