Hire Me!

049I write about more than just healthy living and my day-to-day life. In fact, do you want to know a secret?

I’m a professional writer. Fancy, right?

I’m currently available for freelance assignments in a variety of areas. My BS is in Business Administration, Management with a minor in Computer Science. My professional experience ranges from retail management to stage management (live theatre). I’m also a total geek and gaming nerd with a huge soft spot for animal welfare.

Why give you the rundown? Because it’s my varied interests that make me such a creative writer. It’s my diverse background that allows me a large pool of experiences to pull from when I write for you!

Nutshell Services

  • Blogging (surprise, surprise!)
  • Article writing
  • Copywriting
  • Newsletters & direct mail

For more details on services and my freelance business, visit my writer’s website and look around.