Organizing Life

smallOrganizing blocks is easy.

Organizing papers is easy.

Organizing food, shoes, and office supplies is easy.

Organizing life is hard.

The other examples are all measurable and visual. When all the papers are in the correct files, they’re organized. How do you measure the organization of life?

You don’t. It’s intangible. It’s manifests as a feeling deep in your gut–a mixture of satisfaction and relief. It’s all about how you feel.

That’s why you feel so shitty when everything around you is in chaos.

Productivity drops. Everything becomes a hassle. Go to a party? I can’t even find a clean pair of underwear or any of my left shoes.

I have this problem. Had this problem. Have… Somewhere in the middle. I’m in transition. I recently moved and let myself become swallowed by chaos for two months. My mom had to come save me.

No, seriously, I called my mommy.

Not everyone is so lucky to have a mom who will come put together your new apartment while you sit on the couch wallowing in self-pity. Not everyone has a mom who will go to the store and buy brownies and fish sticks and wine because you’ve hurtled yourself into chaos-induced depression.

Luckily, there is still a bounty of resources, communities, and help. You just have to look for it. Since my mom doesn’t live with me (even though I hid one of her shoes on top of the fridge when she tried to leave), I have to use these other resources too.

Yeah, being an adult sucks

But maybe we can help each other. I’m no expert, but I bet we have a lot in common.

Here’s how I’m working on my life: I’m dividing my life up into different sections (below) so I can tackle individual tasks. This will keep me from getting overloaded. Your sections will differ, but if you get easily overloaded too, maybe you can try the same method. Let me know how it works for you.


This refers to organization within my home–my physical apartment (which I call a house because it sounds nicer) that I pay too much money for every month to let it be a disaster zone. This section includes the cleanliness, organization, and “zen factor” of my house.

Recently, I’ve discovered The Fly Lady. She’s got a simple system that I plan to implement, to a certain extent. For example, one of her early rules is to get dressed to the shoes even if you don’t normally wear shoes in the house. I grew up in Hawai’i. Wearing shoes inside is a HUGE no-no. I’ve unconsciously kicked my shoes into the dining room while cleaning even after purposefully putting them on.

I’m a work in progress.


I am three months, two weeks, and six days away from completing my Bachelor’s. I should be done, but I let other life “priorities” mess up some of my schooling, delaying me almost a year. Yay irresponsibility. (Let me just say this: if you can avoid it, don’t get into a serious, rest-of-your-life relationship when you’re eighteen and trying to finish college.)

I have to focus very strictly on completing the rest of my rather dull curriculum or else my family will shun me forever.

Not really, but I’ll feel really guilty wasting even more time and money than I already have.


You know what Disney doesn’t tell you? Relationships are hard.

I’m one of those “stick with it” types who gets wrapped up in another person very quickly. My boyfriend and I have been together for a less than a year, but I’m committed as if we’ve been together much longer. Though I receive a fair amount of criticism, that’s just the way I am. Kind of gooey.

But I’m not a wonderful girlfriend. I’m surly and grumpy. I’m very selfish (only child complex). I’m still recovering from a series of bad relationships before him.

Blah blah blah. Other people’s relationships are boring.

Long story short, I would like to be a better girlfriend and put more energy directly into our relationship.


I’m very, very, very tired of being chubby. And out of breath. And generally unhealthy. This blog actually started as a healthy lifestyle blog (“Eat” Just One?) It’s become just a blog about my life improvements. Maybe I’ll change the name some day.

Anyway, the usual here: Eat healthy, move more. I’m a proponent of the Paleo lifestyle.


This is… Everything else. All the smaller scale things that don’t take up as much time. Job search. Friends. Family.

I want to mentioned that these things are very important to me. They just don’t command as many hours in my day.

For example, my parents and grandmother are my only family. They live about five hours away. We talk a few times a week, email constantly, and see each other about once a month.

A job is vital if I want to live under a roof, but my top priority is finishing school.

And, as you’ll learn if you follow this blog, I don’t like people all that much and my friends are assholes.



If I work on these sections of life everyday, there’s no way I won’t succeed. This basically covers everything in life, but puts it in nice, square boxes. I like square boxes.



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